Program Design Philosophy 
Training and workshop program designs are based on the belief that the client's needs are of the utmost importance, and we are committed to meeting those needs.  We provide training and educational programs for youth and adults in public speaking, and life skills.  Individual requirements related to coaching, mentoring, and guidance are met with compassion, care, and understanding. 

Available Programs & Presentations: 
  • YOUTH  TRAINING PROGRAMS: Youth communications, leadership, and life skills are the primary focus areas for our organization. Fees are flexible, and in many cases, fees are waived for programs devoted to kids-at-risk or underserved youth. We are able to provide the following program elements to parents, teachers, and students:
 "BEST TEEN SKILLS"©: This interactive program is conducted on-site, and provides teen youth with communication, leadership, interview, and etiquette skills required for them to meet the challenges of a changing world. Tools such as improv, drama, role-playing, and speech performance arts are collectively used to maximize the learning experience while being fun. Please contact us for more information.

"YOUTH COMMUNICATIONS ESSENTIALS"©: The focus of this 4 hour, interactive workshop is introductions, etiquette, critical communication techniques, and personal story. This program is normally conducted on-site. Program guides and instructional elements will be available for download in the near future.

"PARENT & TEACHER 'TRAIN-THE-TRAINER' PROGRAM": In an effort to provide needed training to youth, where on-site delivery is not possible, a series of modules will soon be available. These training modules will allow youth leaders to select elements of the "Best Teen Skills"© Program that will meet their needs. These program elements will soon be available in the Training Modules link of this website.    
  •  SPEAKER'S INTENSIVE:  This "boot camp" style program is a weekend event for business and corporate people who are required to give presentations, speeches, or lectures. The "Speaker's Intensive" is designed to help overcome the fear of public speaking in a non-threatening learning environment. The "Intensive" can be adjusted to fit specific client needs.
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