From Angela LaPorte, Program Consultant & Instructor, San Diego:
"John is a distinguished public speaker in his own right.  He is charismatic and poised, professional yet entertaining, which is why I felt so fortunate to receive his tutoring services.  John has a gift for public speaking, but the gift he gives to others is in his mentoring.  John began his session with me by asking about my goals and what I needed from him, and then he just listened.  From there, he gave me the action steps I needed to take to improve my public speaking including crafting a speech and voice work.  In addition to equipping me with a plan and specific skills, John infused me with a sense of confidence which is what I truly needed to make my dreams of a public speaking career into reality.  Thank you, John!"     
From Nancy Bandy, Registered Occupational Therapist, San Diego: 
"John has been most helpful to me in developing my communication skills, and helping with speech writing. With his help, I was able to successfully and effectively deliver a technical presentation to a large group of medical professionals. Many thanks to John for his kindness and care."
From Sarah Jensen, Empoyee Development Specialist, San Diego:
"John Murphy has been an outstanding technical trainer, as well as an entertaining presenter. If you need a speaker for your next business meeting or convention, call John".   
From Annabelle Massido, Author, Professional Speaker, and Business Owner, San Diego:
"John has been a terrific mentor and speech coach. He helped me polish my presentation, and develop my speech for impact. I even won my last speech contest with John's help!"
     Please also see the "Programs" page for information on past programs and presentations.
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